Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls 2

I definitely like the twist that this took for this episode. Jubei was freaking sweet. I wish  that Muneakira would not have stopped her from killing that Ninja girl. But then again he is a samurai and samurai won’t strike a downed enemy. Then we have Jubei freaking out after she is told to stop. Then she reverts to a normal girl almost with the exception of having no memory. Hopefully it does not happen all the time where Muneakira is tied down by chains when Jubei freaks out. It seems like it was only a one time thing. To me it seemed really pointless. What was Jubei going to do to a rampaging Jubei? I mean seriously she had a power level  over 9000.

Apparently Jubei is a master Samurai which means that she made a deal with Shogun to get that Status. But unfortunately I do believe that power will end up being used against the Shogun. But hey at least for right now Muneakira is being looked after by his old childhood friend Princess Sen. So it seems that he won’t get in that much trouble. I just like how she went off him about not being at train station at the appointed time. That’s right Muneakira you should never stand up a girl.

One of the plus things about this episode is that they toned down the ecchi a little. Maybe that means they want to take a more serious route. Who knows. This is all for this post. This is Xly15 signing off and check back next week for more.


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