Fairy Tail 134

I really wish I had taken pics of Virgo doing sexy poses in her swimsuit even though it was really out of context in this episode because of where Natsu and team were at. They finally got to the temple they were looking for this episode. But it seems like it was more of a graveyard than anything else. Then again how could it be anything but that with all the traps that it had. The grave keepers probably had to live there because everyday someone was trying to get in and the traps would get them. Bam instant burial service needed. I still really wish I had those pics of Virgo. Virgo is probably the spirit of Lucy’s I like the best. She is sexy as hell.

While this is all going on Gray, Leon, and Juvia encounter Sugar Boy where they were looking for a clock piece. Juvia and Leon instantly got trapped in his goop shit. Even Leon could have gotten them out at anytime as he would demonstrate later in the episode. He just wanted to spend some time with Juvia without Gray being present. It still has me wondering if Gray even notices the feelings that Juvia has him. I mean seriously she makes it no secret that she wants to jump his bones.

Sugar Boy got defeated thus Gray was able to retrieve the part they were looking for. Now back to Natsu and Gang in the Graveyard. Oh wait the episode the ends with them encountering Coco and that guy that fell in love with Lucy the instant he saw her. I forgot his name but he is the one wearing the knights armor and has lance I do believe.

I swear this episode would have been rather boring if it were not the sexily posing Virgo and Sugar Boy misinterpreting Gray’s Language or just having illusions of his own. If you want to see Virgo just watching the episode. Other than that I have nothing to say about this episode.


Fairy Tail 133

How big was the information leak from Fairy Tail and who leaked the information? Those bandits that eat Erza’s lunch knew about it, so did Lyon, and the guys from the Archaeological Society knew about it as well. By my guess Jude’s dealings were very extensive. He probably got some information on where to hide the pieces of the clock from the Archaeological Society. It would explain why The Legion was so intent on getting at Lucy and then they tracked her. They are probably tracking her right now. They are probably tracking everyone in guild who went out to look. They know where the pieces are located but they will let Fairy Tail do all the hard work of digging them out.

Why is it that the fate of the world always depends on one person or a small group of people? They must do this and that to the save the world. After a while it gets boring and very repetitive. There is also the fact that I am getting tired of the pretty much uselessness of the female members of Fairy Tail. At least in something like One Piece Nami was able to fight and so was Robin. In Fairy Tail most of the girls are there to just look pretty.

But I feel I have gotten of track so I will end here.

Fairy Tail 132

Lucy’s father is a dick. Instead of sending all the materials needed to help Lucy solve the riddle of the memento that he left, he sent her on scavenger hunt. One very dangerous scavenger hunt with the forces of Zentopia always close behind. He apparently thought it would be a good idea to leave some of the clues back at Heartfilia Mansion. That is if it was him who found the the clock arm in the first. I have a niggling suspicion that Michelle has more to do with this than she letting on. 

The big question is what A person like Jude who was part of a trade guild was doing with clock arm in the first place. From what I gathered about him in the early parts of series is he was all about money. He wanted a lot of it and would make it anyway possible. The clock arm just seems like it has no value at all. Then again it could be the reason he died. Zentopia knew he had it and he wouldn’t give it up. Once again I will make the claim that Michelle has more to do with the whole situation than she telling. 

I like how the exceed is in charge of the Legion. Then again it seems that he has the leadership because he is just ruthless in his pursuit of filling the designs of the church of Zentopia. Dan Straight on the other hand is as annoying as the other members of the Legion. This is of excluding  Mary Hughes who I think is sexy looking and it would be better if she wasn’t an evil bitch. 

Why would Lucy try to fool the leader of the Legion with a simple trick she tried to? I could of guessed that he would see right through it and he did. They hid the book in Michelle’s dress. That was stupid. Lucy should have actually given the book to Happy and had him fly away with it because that would have made the leader exceed take off after him. 

Fairy Tail 131

The Earthland version of Byro is just as every bit as evil as the Edolas one. I just hate how he talked in that monotone voice the whole time. It made me want to fall asleep. But Then it was Gildarts to the rescue to make things infinitely more interesting. I just can’t believe how much power has waned from the members of Fairy Tail while they were gone those seven years. Gildarts could not get the better of Byro and Natsu had a helluva time with Sugar Boy. It seemed like Lilly was having major diffuculties with Coco. This just not right for what was once considered the most powerful Guild in all of Fiore.

Gildarts and Byro just kept going back a forth in a more physical then I expected of Gildarts. Then again Byro while not dispelling Gildarts magic was at least deflecting it the whole time. Even Gildarts could tell that they were pretty much on equal ground. Natsu on the other hand was even a real match for Sugar Boy. That goo shit he kept calling his hound dog gave it to Natsu and then Sugar Boy Started to beat the shit out of him after they were connected by his goop. But at least gray came to the rescue in the end.

Lucy on the other hand was useless like she always is. I wonder why the only spirit capable of doing anything for her is Loki, but she almost never uses him. If I had a spirit as string as him, he would be the first one I called out. I definitely would have called out Taurus because of Mary Hughes because I think she is pretty good looking and obliviously so did Taurus. But nothing got better when she called out Scorpio. He was probably even worse because his attacks looked like they were pretty slow. In end he did nothing expect hit Michelle with one his attacks which then Lucy gave away her Identity.

I want to know what the Archbishop of Zentopia wants with the thing Lucy is carrying and why is she always carrying it around. It seems like a good way to get noticed and have it stolen off you. Mary Hughes is bitch though. She is real sadist because she like taking precious things away from people. Then she could just have contempt for everyone that is not a part of Zentopia, but I will err on the side of her being a sadist.

Fairy Tail 130

It seems that Lucy is in some deep shit because what looks like the Earthland versions of Sugar-boy, Hughes, and Coco are after her. Remember them from the Edolas Arc. If you don’t look at the picture.

What is with the Pompadour? It was Okay on Himekawa in Beelebub, but it should not be on Sugar-boy in this form.

The guy with the Pompadour is suppose to be the Earthland version of Sugar-boy, the girl in the center is the Earthland version of Hughes and god damn does Hughes look good here, and then of course you can tell that last person is coco.

Sugar-boy uses some type of magic that involves what looks like mucus. This mucus can sap the magic from anyone that it touches and he uses it thoroughly trash most of the members of Fairy Tail. Hughes also uses her magic to trash Fairy Tail along with Sugar-boy. She is able to use some type of control magic that lets her control the movements that people make. She uses this to deadly effect on Natsu having him aim his fire magic at Lucy and Michelle. It is quite sad that in the seven years that they were gone the core of Fairy Tail got very weak.

What is that stuff? He calls it his hound dogs.

What ends up happening is that all the girls in Fairy Tail try to confuse them by saying they are Lucy. It all started with Michelle saying that she was Lucy. But the real Lucy and Michelle made one mistake and that was leaving the battle ground. Hughes realized that they had escapes and they sent coco after them. They should have both stayed there. Hughes uses Natsu’s magic as a smoke bomb and now all three of them are chasing after Lucy and Michelle.

At the end it learned that the Earthland version of Byro was leading them. He seems to have a problem with Lucy’s father Jude. I am guessing while he was running the Heartfilia Konzern he crossed paths with this group and did something that displeased them. I think it has something to do with that weird item that he gave to Lucy. At the beginning of the show Byro said that it was a holy war.

What’s Happening!

This is just a quick heads up that the blog will be making a transfer over to xly151.blogspot.com. I know this is sudden and all, but that is where I will be making posts from now on. The the blog will still be called An Otaku’s Criticism. So don’t expect anything dramatically different. It is only a domain name change because I integrating more of what I do online with google services.

Fairy Tail 128 and 129

Yes this a double post for episodes 128 and 129 because I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks. So now that is out of the way lets get started.

Episode 128 by my assumption started either a new full or a mini arc. By what I have read of the manga the whole thing with Lucy’s relative did not happen. The arc in the manga was them going to the big magical battle tournament that happens every year. I stopped reading after they got through the first challenge. But I really don’t want to compare this to the manga because I kind like the addition of new material. It even had me wondering what the thing Lucy’s dad gave her was.

I believe that Lucy’s relative is hiding something though. I just found it weird that she would start calling Lucy nee-san even though they never met. She just seems way too informal to me. There is also the fact that when she asked Lucy about finding out the item she had a worries look on her like she knew something that she wasn’t telling Lucy. I have a feeling that the item has something to do with how Lucy’s father Jude died. Or this person claiming to be Lucy’s relative is swindling her to do her bidding.

But by the end of episode we kind of learned that it came from a clock tower maybe. It would seem that it somehow connected with burning of churches in Fiore. I think that is name of the land that Fairy Tail is based in. Please correct me if I am wrong on that. It was weird though when the item activated and letters appeared all over it. Shit is about to get serious real quickly again.

Fairy Tail 126

The image that soothes the soul. Wendy being as cute as ever.

Isn’t that image of Wendy just cute. With each passing episode I am loving Wendy more and more. I just surprised that they have made her have a more important in the show. I would have figured after the Nirvana Arc she would be relegated to minor-dom for the remainder of the show. But I guess that is the power of being a loli in a shounen anime. Instant popularity with a crowd that would not normally watch the show. I guess Wendy in combination with Juvia successfully are able to net some of the moe crowd as well. But that is none of my concern here. I just can’t believe that Wendy would do that so willingly. If I would have been her I would have just sent them flying, but she want ed them turn over a new leaf.

I figured it was only a matter of time before Troia stopped working on Natsu. I just can’t believe that Natsu has not been able to find a better way of combating his motion sickness. I figured he would go to that weird woman in woods to get some special medicine to help him. I am hating that right now I can’t remember any of the minor characters names. I guess that is why they are minor characters though.

Now on to the real point. I can’t believe that A-1 would come with an evil gang as stupid as the Jiggle Butt Gang. I mean seriously look at them:


That does not look evil at all. It should not have even been considered as an attempt at a filler episode. Even as a little kid I would have considered that stupid. It’s not even a funny crude joke in my opinion and I wish that they could have come up with something better than this drivel. I can’t believe that they use their butts as weapons. It eeems like an easily defeated weapon. Lucy should have been able to take them out before the situation got out of hand. But I guess that proves how useless the women(except for erza, mira, and evergreen) are in this show. Lucy did nothing and even when she got angry about what the Jiggle Butt Gang supposedly did to Wendy she did nothing. It was Natsu who finally evicted them from the train car.

Fairy Tail 125

I normally don’t post on the filler episodes, but I felt that this was a pretty good filler episode to post on because I liked the theme that it centered around and it appealed to my sense of how the world should work. But I also have to comment on Wendy looking very cute in the way she looked for the Magical Ball at Count Balsamico’s Palace. It is strange feeling, but I believe that I am turning into somewhat of a loli lover. Wendy would be considered loli right? Then again we are never really told anyone’s age, all we have ever been given is the fact that Makarov is old and that Purehito from the previous was just a bag of bones being sustained by his hunt for Zeref who he thought was sleeping. But I digress that should have been talked about in the previous arc.

Like I said I was loving Wendy in this episode, but I guess I knew that she would be one of my favorites from when she was first introduced and that picture that the artsy guy in Fairy Tail drew of how he thought she would look when she got older was sexy looking as well. I don’t what it is about guys and tits(I shouldn’t say this just about guys because I know girls that have a fascination with big tits as well), but I guess it something do with breast feeding as a child and anytime a set of big tits are seen it brings back those deep hidden memories. But once again I digress. I liked that drawing of Wendy and she existed for real I would want to have a relationship with the older Wendy. That drawing also went along with what we saw in the Edolas arc minus Wendy being a little more mean.

But what really got me was how Velveno was forced to be away from the person he loved because Aceto’s father had deemed him unworthy of his daughter. Finally Velveno was able to tell Aceto how he felt about her and asked her for her hand in marriage. But the one thing I don’t get is why he would turn to crime to try to fill the gap in his heart. I would have made it mission to try to talk to one that I love at all costs. I mean seriously he can use transformation magic, so he could have disguised himself as one of servants if Balsamico has any and then got into the castle that way. Instead he chose the hard route. Hey, whatever worked for the guy. I kind get the feeling that the show was knocking on social class. It was also trying to explain how feelings of true love can transcend time and class.

One last little thing. It was funny when all the members of Fairy Tail were dancing outside of the guild. I also found it funny when Elfman charged to try and get the ring. I think he just wanted to compete with the other men in attendance because his famous thing is saying be a man. Well that is all for this post.

Fairy Tail 124

I wish the world that we live in could be more like anime. I want someone to send me gifts on every year even though they know I may never open them. If I disappeared I would want to be remembered like that. But it is still kind of wierd that a letter with seven years of back rent would show up. I wouldn’t expect someone to go that far for me. No use in paying for place I don’t live in or haven’t lived in for a while. But it still sad that Lucy had to learn that her father had died the month before they reappeared. She had almost no time to spend with her father whom she had left their relationship on a not so good note. It is still heart warming though that her father was willing to go that far.

A lot had changed in the guild in seven years. Macao or as I will call him Madao became the leader of the guild, but it seems that he sunk it right into the ground. I guess that is expected to happen when a minor character tries to fill Makarov’s shoes. Madao also seems like a person that shyed away from conflict. Then again anytime he appeared in the show he was lazing around the guild. It also didn’t help the guild that their big name people had disappeared for those seven years. There was no one there to fend the likes of Twilight Orge. But now Twilight Orge has been paid in full for all the damage an violence they have done towards the guild.

Lyon is a playa. He now ha thing for Juvia even though that Sherri girl that was always around loved him like no other. Even Gray has the feeling that things are becoming more complicated than necessary. Well that is all I have to say.