Gintama 285: Jerks

The actual episode title was “Love is Like a Roach Motel”, but I prefer the one I am giving it because it succinctly describes how the Odd Jobs gang acted through out this whole. I know that they act this way in most of the episodes, but in this episode it was pretty obvious that they went out of their way to do so to poor Kondo. All Kondo wanted was a date with Otae, who is the girl of his dreams. Though by this point it should be pretty obvious to him that she never intends on returning the feelings.

Kondo in some weird way gets his date with Otae, but under the pretence of being some type of super hero from a children’s cartoon or something of that nature. Suffice to say he was wearing a mask that had the face of a cockroach on it. One gets the feeling he is being portrayed this way because of his one serious character flaw which is his obsessive stalking of Otae. That is a pretty serious character flaw, but I believe it needs to be balanced against the fact that he probably does actually help people and not just obsessively hound Otae all the time.

In some ways that balance is struck by the situations that the Odd Jobs gang put him in where he has to pick between looking good to Otae and making what is obviously the right moral choice. Overall, in the end it is the Odd Jobs gang that is made to look like the serious cockroaches because of how they set-up their attempt to make Kondo look like the cockroach. Either way Kondo and Otae end the episode the same way they started it with Kondo looking like the pervert and Otae still not returning his feelings of love.


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