Long Time, No Blog

It has been over two year since I have posted anything to this blog. Let’s just say that the last two years of my life have been rather busy and I did not have much time to blog about anything. I have two other blogs that I post stuff to and they are in just as much a defunct state as this one, but I aim to change that since I have graduated college and have a lot more time to do other things.

First and foremost I have not watched much anime in the last couple of years and if I have it has been watching shows and series that I have watched multiple times before. So, I will be starting up again with the fall season and going from there. I have not decided what I will be paying attention to in the fall season yet, but I plan to have that decided in the next couple of weeks. Most likely the first show I will be putting any content out on will be the latest season of Gintama since I am huge Gintama fan and it is show that I enjoy watching a lot. So look for that within the next week as I continue my catchup to the latest episode.

Second, I plan on doing some watching challenges, but I would like you the reader to suggest what I should be watching in these challenges. You can go back through my posts here or you can check out my profile on My Anime List to give you ideas. I want the shows I watch to be challenge to watch. I should struggle to make through the first episode let alone a full series.

Finally, I am also looking for people who would like to post here as well. I am looking to grow blog from this point on and I can’t do this on my own. I have gotten to the point where I average about 100-200 views a day, but I would like to get more. So I need people who would like to post about anime or even Japanese culture. Really I am looking to fill in any gaps that may be present. So, start submitting apps and writing samples and I will look over them. With that said look forward to future posts here and on my other blogs if you can find them. Just kidding, I will make a future post with links to them and explanations of what I post there.


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