Linux and a MAL updater

After looking high and low for a good Myanimelist update for linux I have finally found a decent one. I say decent because it is nowhere as good as the MAL updater built for windows. The one for windows is always monitoring when an episode of anime is played by your chosen media player. The one for linux makes it a requirement that you launch the media player from within the program for the tracker to work properly. The one for linux I am using is called WMAL and it also has melative scrobbling builtin to it.

I like the way that MALU for windows does the tracking and updating because I have several media player open playing something and it tries to keep track of them all. WMAL as I said has the restriction that it has to launched from within WMAL in order for the tracking to work. The reason I prefer MALU’s tracking behavior is because sometimes I will pause what I am watching to watch something else with friends.

In terms of memory though WMAL definitely uses a lot less memory than MALU. WMAL has a commandline interface which I like a lot. Being a linux person and specifically an Arch Linux user with a very minimal interface running I prefer the commandline interface to any graphical interface. I prefer linux’s use of config files to control the settings for the program. Most people probably will not like the commandline stuff because it does not allow the use of the mouse. That is where WMAL has the upper hand. It also includes a curses and gtk interface. For those that prefer the mouse the GTK UI works very good.

WMAL does not include features like twitter posting, sharing on irc, or updating a php banner. What is does include is updating MAL without needing the web interface and it does this very well. So for those of you needing a MAL updater for linux check out WMAL.


WMAL requires python(do not use python 3.0+ for WMAL).

Correction: Since I don’t want to edit the above I will put it here. WMAL does indeed include the same tracker behavior as MALU. It just is not working properly for me. So disregard what I said and enjoy WMAL.


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