Fairy Tail 136

This has become my new background. If only I could get Wendy in this pose. That would be awesome. I would welcome this distraction any day. Go on Lucy Keep being Sexy for Dan because I am enjoying it as well. On another note I want to know where they go the different clothes from because as far as I know no one on Team Lucy as Carrying any Backpack to speak of and none of could do requip. I guess we is just pulling a Link from Zelda and pulling shit out from no where. No a bomb, I pull out from my back. Need Sexy Lingerie, pull out of nowhere.

I realized right away that Happy’s Statement about Lucy’s Sex appeal is right. They have never been able to use to good effect before. Quite frankly it seemed like most people were turned off. I hope someday I can get a girlfriend/wife that will do cosplay for me.

No, why did they bring back the Jiggle Butt Gang? The only thing good that ever came from it was Wendy dressed in that skin tight suit with Cat ears on it. Oh, okay   Jiggle Butt Gang carry on because they were able to get her back in it. But wait what is this? They got Erza in it as well. This has to be a lucky day for me. I get treated to Sexy Lucy and both Wendy and Erza wearing the Jiggle Butt Gang costume. But alas not all good things will continue and the Jiggle Butt Gang gets defeated again. This time it is because they destroyed Erza’s flower.

I get the feeling that Erza has become slightly unhinged during this arc. Early she beat the hell out of another gang for interrupting the picnic she was having. There is also the fact that she willingly got into the Jiggle Butt Costume and they she proceed to beat the hell out of them over a flower. Then again I probably would have done it just because the one guy farted in my face.

Two parts to clock were found this episode with Team Gajeel looking for the last piece. Some of the pieces were quite big and thus I have to ask how Jude ever hide them like he did. But Team Gajeel gets interrupted by the Legion Commander.


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