Fairy Tail 135

The guy who is love with Lucy, Dan is probably the most annoying of this group of villains to me. Dan just annoys me whenever he starts talking about Lucy like he has known her his whole life. There is also the fact that he has the most annoying magic as in both his shield and Lance. He also sucks at using the magic in the lance. I mean seriously this time he shrunk Lucy instead of Natsu. He was going to change Lucy back, but then he decided he wanted her as a desk ornament. He did eventually change her back, but that was after Happy, Michelle, and Romeo rescued her from being a strap. But he hit Happy too which then caused happy to go on rampage because he was afriad of stepping on people.

These events lead to Happy, Lucy, Romeo, and Michelle going off to look for the object in question while Natsu Dealt with Lover-boy Dan. But Team Lucyy has a tag a long with them in Earthland Coco. But what is this? They fell done a trap hole. But through Lucy learns more abotu Earthland Coco. I bet if they weren’t enemies right now they would make good friends. Eventually Lucy Leaves Coco side after rescuing Coco from some rubble and leaving her laying there after bandging her wound.

Let head over to what is happening with Team Gajeel. Oh, wait Levy is thinking he is asshole for is callous attitude about climbing a mountain. They eventually make it to the top where Panther Lily tries to cheer them with a joke, but he ends up scaring the shit out of them.

On another side of the world Team Erza is looking for some type of book repository. But wait what is this? Oh no, please not let be the return of the Jiggle Butt Gang. Alas it is becasue Erza sees a jiggling butt in the book case. What do they plan to do this time? They probably want their Queen back who is Wendy. Please don’t let them get near Wendy.


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