Fairy Tail 134

I really wish I had taken pics of Virgo doing sexy poses in her swimsuit even though it was really out of context in this episode because of where Natsu and team were at. They finally got to the temple they were looking for this episode. But it seems like it was more of a graveyard than anything else. Then again how could it be anything but that with all the traps that it had. The grave keepers probably had to live there because everyday someone was trying to get in and the traps would get them. Bam instant burial service needed. I still really wish I had those pics of Virgo. Virgo is probably the spirit of Lucy’s I like the best. She is sexy as hell.

While this is all going on Gray, Leon, and Juvia encounter Sugar Boy where they were looking for a clock piece. Juvia and Leon instantly got trapped in his goop shit. Even Leon could have gotten them out at anytime as he would demonstrate later in the episode. He just wanted to spend some time with Juvia without Gray being present. It still has me wondering if Gray even notices the feelings that Juvia has him. I mean seriously she makes it no secret that she wants to jump his bones.

Sugar Boy got defeated thus Gray was able to retrieve the part they were looking for. Now back to Natsu and Gang in the Graveyard. Oh wait the episode the ends with them encountering Coco and that guy that fell in love with Lucy the instant he saw her. I forgot his name but he is the one wearing the knights armor and has lance I do believe.

I swear this episode would have been rather boring if it were not the sexily posing Virgo and Sugar Boy misinterpreting Gray’s Language or just having illusions of his own. If you want to see Virgo just watching the episode. Other than that I have nothing to say about this episode.


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