Fairy Tail 133

How big was the information leak from Fairy Tail and who leaked the information? Those bandits that eat Erza’s lunch knew about it, so did Lyon, and the guys from the Archaeological Society knew about it as well. By my guess Jude’s dealings were very extensive. He probably got some information on where to hide the pieces of the clock from the Archaeological Society. It would explain why The Legion was so intent on getting at Lucy and then they tracked her. They are probably tracking her right now. They are probably tracking everyone in guild who went out to look. They know where the pieces are located but they will let Fairy Tail do all the hard work of digging them out.

Why is it that the fate of the world always depends on one person or a small group of people? They must do this and that to the save the world. After a while it gets boring and very repetitive. There is also the fact that I am getting tired of the pretty much uselessness of the female members of Fairy Tail. At least in something like One Piece Nami was able to fight and so was Robin. In Fairy Tail most of the girls are there to just look pretty.

But I feel I have gotten of track so I will end here.


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