Fairy Tail 132

Lucy’s father is a dick. Instead of sending all the materials needed to help Lucy solve the riddle of the memento that he left, he sent her on scavenger hunt. One very dangerous scavenger hunt with the forces of Zentopia always close behind. He apparently thought it would be a good idea to leave some of the clues back at Heartfilia Mansion. That is if it was him who found the the clock arm in the first. I have a niggling suspicion that Michelle has more to do with this than she letting on. 

The big question is what A person like Jude who was part of a trade guild was doing with clock arm in the first place. From what I gathered about him in the early parts of series is he was all about money. He wanted a lot of it and would make it anyway possible. The clock arm just seems like it has no value at all. Then again it could be the reason he died. Zentopia knew he had it and he wouldn’t give it up. Once again I will make the claim that Michelle has more to do with the whole situation than she telling. 

I like how the exceed is in charge of the Legion. Then again it seems that he has the leadership because he is just ruthless in his pursuit of filling the designs of the church of Zentopia. Dan Straight on the other hand is as annoying as the other members of the Legion. This is of excluding  Mary Hughes who I think is sexy looking and it would be better if she wasn’t an evil bitch. 

Why would Lucy try to fool the leader of the Legion with a simple trick she tried to? I could of guessed that he would see right through it and he did. They hid the book in Michelle’s dress. That was stupid. Lucy should have actually given the book to Happy and had him fly away with it because that would have made the leader exceed take off after him. 


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