Fairy Tail 131

The Earthland version of Byro is just as every bit as evil as the Edolas one. I just hate how he talked in that monotone voice the whole time. It made me want to fall asleep. But Then it was Gildarts to the rescue to make things infinitely more interesting. I just can’t believe how much power has waned from the members of Fairy Tail while they were gone those seven years. Gildarts could not get the better of Byro and Natsu had a helluva time with Sugar Boy. It seemed like Lilly was having major diffuculties with Coco. This just not right for what was once considered the most powerful Guild in all of Fiore.

Gildarts and Byro just kept going back a forth in a more physical then I expected of Gildarts. Then again Byro while not dispelling Gildarts magic was at least deflecting it the whole time. Even Gildarts could tell that they were pretty much on equal ground. Natsu on the other hand was even a real match for Sugar Boy. That goo shit he kept calling his hound dog gave it to Natsu and then Sugar Boy Started to beat the shit out of him after they were connected by his goop. But at least gray came to the rescue in the end.

Lucy on the other hand was useless like she always is. I wonder why the only spirit capable of doing anything for her is Loki, but she almost never uses him. If I had a spirit as string as him, he would be the first one I called out. I definitely would have called out Taurus because of Mary Hughes because I think she is pretty good looking and obliviously so did Taurus. But nothing got better when she called out Scorpio. He was probably even worse because his attacks looked like they were pretty slow. In end he did nothing expect hit Michelle with one his attacks which then Lucy gave away her Identity.

I want to know what the Archbishop of Zentopia wants with the thing Lucy is carrying and why is she always carrying it around. It seems like a good way to get noticed and have it stolen off you. Mary Hughes is bitch though. She is real sadist because she like taking precious things away from people. Then she could just have contempt for everyone that is not a part of Zentopia, but I will err on the side of her being a sadist.


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