Fairy Tail 128 and 129

Yes this a double post for episodes 128 and 129 because I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks. So now that is out of the way lets get started.

Episode 128 by my assumption started either a new full or a mini arc. By what I have read of the manga the whole thing with Lucy’s relative did not happen. The arc in the manga was them going to the big magical battle tournament that happens every year. I stopped reading after they got through the first challenge. But I really don’t want to compare this to the manga because I kind like the addition of new material. It even had me wondering what the thing Lucy’s dad gave her was.

I believe that Lucy’s relative is hiding something though. I just found it weird that she would start calling Lucy nee-san even though they never met. She just seems way too informal to me. There is also the fact that when she asked Lucy about finding out the item she had a worries look on her like she knew something that she wasn’t telling Lucy. I have a feeling that the item has something to do with how Lucy’s father Jude died. Or this person claiming to be Lucy’s relative is swindling her to do her bidding.

But by the end of episode we kind of learned that it came from a clock tower maybe. It would seem that it somehow connected with burning of churches in Fiore. I think that is name of the land that Fairy Tail is based in. Please correct me if I am wrong on that. It was weird though when the item activated and letters appeared all over it. Shit is about to get serious real quickly again.


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