Fairy Tail 126

The image that soothes the soul. Wendy being as cute as ever.

Isn’t that image of Wendy just cute. With each passing episode I am loving Wendy more and more. I just surprised that they have made her have a more important in the show. I would have figured after the Nirvana Arc she would be relegated to minor-dom for the remainder of the show. But I guess that is the power of being a loli in a shounen anime. Instant popularity with a crowd that would not normally watch the show. I guess Wendy in combination with Juvia successfully are able to net some of the moe crowd as well. But that is none of my concern here. I just can’t believe that Wendy would do that so willingly. If I would have been her I would have just sent them flying, but she want ed them turn over a new leaf.

I figured it was only a matter of time before Troia stopped working on Natsu. I just can’t believe that Natsu has not been able to find a better way of combating his motion sickness. I figured he would go to that weird woman in woods to get some special medicine to help him. I am hating that right now I can’t remember any of the minor characters names. I guess that is why they are minor characters though.

Now on to the real point. I can’t believe that A-1 would come with an evil gang as stupid as the Jiggle Butt Gang. I mean seriously look at them:


That does not look evil at all. It should not have even been considered as an attempt at a filler episode. Even as a little kid I would have considered that stupid. It’s not even a funny crude joke in my opinion and I wish that they could have come up with something better than this drivel. I can’t believe that they use their butts as weapons. It eeems like an easily defeated weapon. Lucy should have been able to take them out before the situation got out of hand. But I guess that proves how useless the women(except for erza, mira, and evergreen) are in this show. Lucy did nothing and even when she got angry about what the Jiggle Butt Gang supposedly did to Wendy she did nothing. It was Natsu who finally evicted them from the train car.


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