Fairy Tail 125

I normally don’t post on the filler episodes, but I felt that this was a pretty good filler episode to post on because I liked the theme that it centered around and it appealed to my sense of how the world should work. But I also have to comment on Wendy looking very cute in the way she looked for the Magical Ball at Count Balsamico’s Palace. It is strange feeling, but I believe that I am turning into somewhat of a loli lover. Wendy would be considered loli right? Then again we are never really told anyone’s age, all we have ever been given is the fact that Makarov is old and that Purehito from the previous was just a bag of bones being sustained by his hunt for Zeref who he thought was sleeping. But I digress that should have been talked about in the previous arc.

Like I said I was loving Wendy in this episode, but I guess I knew that she would be one of my favorites from when she was first introduced and that picture that the artsy guy in Fairy Tail drew of how he thought she would look when she got older was sexy looking as well. I don’t what it is about guys and tits(I shouldn’t say this just about guys because I know girls that have a fascination with big tits as well), but I guess it something do with breast feeding as a child and anytime a set of big tits are seen it brings back those deep hidden memories. But once again I digress. I liked that drawing of Wendy and she existed for real I would want to have a relationship with the older Wendy. That drawing also went along with what we saw in the Edolas arc minus Wendy being a little more mean.

But what really got me was how Velveno was forced to be away from the person he loved because Aceto’s father had deemed him unworthy of his daughter. Finally Velveno was able to tell Aceto how he felt about her and asked her for her hand in marriage. But the one thing I don’t get is why he would turn to crime to try to fill the gap in his heart. I would have made it mission to try to talk to one that I love at all costs. I mean seriously he can use transformation magic, so he could have disguised himself as one of servants if Balsamico has any and then got into the castle that way. Instead he chose the hard route. Hey, whatever worked for the guy. I kind get the feeling that the show was knocking on social class. It was also trying to explain how feelings of true love can transcend time and class.

One last little thing. It was funny when all the members of Fairy Tail were dancing outside of the guild. I also found it funny when Elfman charged to try and get the ring. I think he just wanted to compete with the other men in attendance because his famous thing is saying be a man. Well that is all for this post.


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