Fairy Tail 124

I wish the world that we live in could be more like anime. I want someone to send me gifts on every year even though they know I may never open them. If I disappeared I would want to be remembered like that. But it is still kind of wierd that a letter with seven years of back rent would show up. I wouldn’t expect someone to go that far for me. No use in paying for place I don’t live in or haven’t lived in for a while. But it still sad that Lucy had to learn that her father had died the month before they reappeared. She had almost no time to spend with her father whom she had left their relationship on a not so good note. It is still heart warming though that her father was willing to go that far.

A lot had changed in the guild in seven years. Macao or as I will call him Madao became the leader of the guild, but it seems that he sunk it right into the ground. I guess that is expected to happen when a minor character tries to fill Makarov’s shoes. Madao also seems like a person that shyed away from conflict. Then again anytime he appeared in the show he was lazing around the guild. It also didn’t help the guild that their big name people had disappeared for those seven years. There was no one there to fend the likes of Twilight Orge. But now Twilight Orge has been paid in full for all the damage an violence they have done towards the guild.

Lyon is a playa. He now ha thing for Juvia even though that Sherri girl that was always around loved him like no other. Even Gray has the feeling that things are becoming more complicated than necessary. Well that is all I have to say.


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