Beelzebub -Finale-

As you the reader can tell by the title of this post this is going to be the final post I make on Beelzebub because this is the final episode. I have to say first off that I was definitely not happy about the way they ended the show. I did not think that the leader of the 24 pillars would go down like that. I figured they would follow the same pattern of having Ova get beat down and then do some training. Then he would come back and own some ass with some new found ability. But no I could not have. And that is just the second to last episode. I will be getting started on last episode here in a bit. But let me make a reference to the manga.

Yes, I am actually referencing the original manga in a post. But that is because Beelzebub was exactly minus a couple filler episodes an exact adaptation of its source manga much like most shounen mainstream now a days. The manga had Oga get his ass beat and Hilda was captured by the 34 pillars. Oga then went and trained on some island with Kunieda and learned an even stronger ability. But this ability had nothing to do with Oga’s favored croquettes. I am just rather ticked at how they concluded this arc.

Now on to the last episode that was really lackluster. I don’t even really feel like discussing it. That is how bad I feel that this ending was. But who knows, maybe more Beelzebub will created in the future. Well there went all my motivation for focussing this episode. I would tell you to watch it, but I would rather that you didn’t. It is that bad. I know I should at least give it a cursory discussion, but really what is the point. Oh well I might as well try. On second thought I won’t because I am having a relatively good day as of this posting and I don’t want to ruin it. I also don’t want to ruin any good day you, the reader may be having it I don’t want to make a bad day even worse.


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