Ano Natsu de Matteru -Finale-

Why do shows that involve aliens especially Anime have to have some reference to the Men in Black? Even though it did make this final episode funny as hell I will contend that it could have been done without the cliched reference to the Men In Black. I could have also figured that Remon  had something to do with a secret organization because  she was way to interested in Ichika not to have an organization backing her. But to think that Manami’s husband Satoshi was part of the Men in Black. That really makes this more interesting. And then to ask Manami to help in the operation that he was carrying out with Remon.

I still an’t figure out if ichika just likes being wishy-washy on her own or if she needs others to make her decisions for her. She told Kaito her feelings for him in response to Tanigawa basically challenging her to do so. Then she came to the decision to stay on Earth once again because of Tanigawa. I just think that Ichika makes her decisions because she like to piss Tanigawa off. At least that is how I see it.

At least by the ending of the episode Ichika was able to stay on earth because she was wearing the thing that Kaito’s sister got for her. And hey at least the people that came after Kaito thought the movie he left was pretty good. But it still leaves me wondering what actually happened when Ichika went back to her home planet. What did the Federation do? Did it raise Earth’s status from an F? There are still a few questions left answered, but I think all major ones were resolved. This was definitely a good ending for this show.


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