Fairy Tail 123

Damn the First Guild Master of Fairy Tail, Mavis has some pretty powerful magic. It be able to gather up the magic from the other members of Fairy Tail on Tenroujima is astounding. That is the one thing that I like though. Fairy Tail’s main strength lies in those bonds that Mavis was talking about. All the members of Fairy Tail share a very deep bond of (I really don’t know if I should say friendship or if I should use something relating to a family so I will leave that up to you the reader). That is kind of how I would like the ideal world to be A world in which everyone might now get along, but they can tolerate each other. I know that the bonds that Fairy Tail members share with each other is not something that could be translated very well into a world filled with billions of people.

Another surprising thing was the sharp decline of Fairy Tail. But I guess that is what happens when the core of your organization just disappears. Mostly the glue was Makarov, Natsu, and basically everyone on Tenroujima. But that Twilight Ogre Guild did not have be so mean about the way they were treating Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail has come by some pretty hard times. I just can’t believe that it is that hard for them. They have no money and they are running out of broken down old tavern.

But hey the team for Tenroujima is back and now Twilight Ogre will get an ass kicking. I still can’t how much changed in those seven years. Romeo became a full fledged guild member, Bisca and Alzack got married it seems, and Macao is the Guild Master(a pretty bad one at that), Droy is also a fat-ass now. But that was foreshadowed in a previous episode when Jet was talking about how Droy was eating too much and he would look like the guy that uses the painting magic.



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