Beelzebub 59

I would have never guessed that a different type of a synchronization could be obtained  with Baby Beel because he ate Oga’s favorite food the croquette. I kind of just figured that it was a one way thing with Super Milk Time. I am guessing that also had Jabberwock surprised as well because he was able to effectively counter Oga after he did that. At least Oga was able to defeat Jabberwock’s dragon Sodom. I have feeling that Jabberwock himself though has not been defeated at all.

I have that feeling that both maybe Oga and Hilda are actually developing feelings for each other. That pained face that Oga made when Hilda decided to sacrifice herself so Oga could escape showed a lot of his emotion. It also showed how Oga has developed since the beginning of the show. He is no longer that person that only cares about himself. He considers all the people in his class at Ishiyama his friends and he tries to protect them. He has also matured from trying to get rid of Baby Beel into a parent. Remember he asserted before all the filler episodes that he was Baby Beel’s parent and that he would not let him destroy the human race.

Kunieda has gotten pretty strong thanks to Koma her little dog demon. She was able to defeat Agiel in one blow. At least I think that is what happened. But it still surprises me because I figured the battle would go on for at least half an episode before a conclusion was reached. I guess I so use to how One Piece and Fairy Tail do things with a battle consisting of several episodes.


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