Beelzebub 58

This episode has seen Beelzebub return to the main story of this arc. Behemoth has finally decided to show his face and he gets a rude encounter with Saotome, The principal of St. Ishiyama, and Kunieda’s grandfather. All he came to tell them was that he had built a new school in the area. Then again Behemoth’s only wish is to see that En’s mission of destroying the human race comes to pass. I surprised to learn that Behemoth, The St. Ishiyama Principal, and Kunieda’s grandfather have a history together. That most likely means that these two have been fighting with the demons for a long time now. That is probably why they all feel the need to teach Oga how to control Baby Beel. I would probably be the same way too.

I have to wonder if Lord En was listening to Furuichi somehow when he made up Akumano Academy because it a very strange coincidence that he named his school Akumano Academy. Then again En is still very much a kid and kids have very simplistic ideas and very simplistic ways that they name things. I just like how the teacher for the school Takahashi kept getting more freaked out as he was taking attendance. How did he not notice the strange class as he walked in. Most of them have fins and the side of their heads and there are all adults besides En. This leads into the next segment.

The students of Ishiyama high school just walk into Akumano Academy and start looking around. None of them are too perceptive because some of the generals of Behemoth’s 34 pillar division were following them around. Himekawa only became aware a little later and then they were kind of late. I don’t even think Kunieda and her little demon will stand a chance against the one general that is a woman.


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