Fairy tail 121

I could have figured that Zeref was never actually asleep but that still brings up the question of how he has lived for so long without anyone realizing who he was. If he was wandering around all that time someone should have realized who he was. Especially considering that it seems like people have been specifically been looking for him for the last four hundred years. But Zeref is definitely awesome with that magic of his and now Hades has most likely been totally removed from the picture. But it would seem that the current era is coming to an end because of Hades and his guild. This Acnologia even has the most powerful wizard in history shaking,

On another note Cana finally old Gildarts that she is his daughter. That was a heart warming scene where Gildarts embraced her. It just funny watching Gildarts name off all the flings that he has had over his life. But hey he only ever married one of them and that was Cana’s mom Cornelia. At least now Cana can say that she is reunited with her father after all these years.

I wish Mira would not have messed with the master’s decision to institute a woman’s only dress code. I would have enjoyed that a lot. Getting to see all the beautiful girls  of Fairy Tail dressed up in either a swimsuit or a Nurse’s outfit. I always like how Erza is willing to go along with this stuff.


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