Ano Natsu de Matteru 9

So the tightly wound thread has finally come undo. Tanigawa worked up the courage to at least tell Ichika has she feels about Kaito. Apparently Tanigawa was able to tell that Ichika was lying to Kaito about looking for that place. She just couldn’t stand to face him because she thought she would cause more trouble if she stayed around. Tanigawa had the point though. Kaito has never expressed any interest in her and Ichika is running from the person who she loves and who loves her. Kaito wouldp probably go to the ends of the earth to make Ichika happy.

This episode saw Ichika reveal to the others that she is fact an alien and how she got to Earth. She showed them the inside of her ship and explained the whole drone thing to them. And Kaito still made the promise that he and now everyone would help her find the place she was looking for. But like I said before she ended up refusing Kaito’s help twice. After the second time Kaito is in Karuizawa when Remon gives him some “good advice”.

The reason I don’t conside it good advice is because Remon made it sound like Kaito was in the wrong. But I don’t see it that way. Remon asked Kaito what he has done in return for Ichika revealing who she was. Once again I don’t think there need to be any return because Ichika has been living in Kaito’s house this whole time. I believe it was the least she could do after she basically scared the living daylights out of everyone. And especially after Kaito tried to rescue her butt from the Rescue pod drone.

But Kaito takes Remon’s advice to heart and starts trying to find the place that Ichika was talking about himself. Well Tanigawa sees him on one of his outings while it raining and knows right away what he is doing. This is what most likely prompted her to confront Ichika about Kaito. And this when Ichika learns what Kaito is doing for her. So now the relationship between Kaito and Ichika is in full bloom while Tanigawa is left crying on Tetsuro’s shoulder. And I can only guess that Mio is crying about Tanigawa, but It could also be about Tetsuro.Maybe Tetsuro revealed to Mio his feelings for Tanigawa.

So let’s see what happens in next weeks episode.


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