Beelzebub 57

I am getting tired of these needless filler episodes. It is okay when there are like two of them, but after that they just getting irritating. Don’t get me wrong I still find them entertaining, but my interest in the main storyline is starting to wane. I want to get back to Oga beating the hell out of the 32 pillars. But I have to say to say that it was nice to learn a little a more about Hilda, but it does not really change her dynamic that much. It also provided that she was not just this one-dimensional character. But before I get to that let me go to beginning of the episode.

The first part dealt with Aoi’s little demon thing trying to mimic the Super Milk Time with his manjus so that way he could switch bodies with Aoi. If anyone has even been keeping up the demon is very pervy and I am guessing now you know what he wants to do in her body. His first attempt is a straight-forward approach where he tries to get Aoi to just eat the manju by handing to her. But this demon has a slight problem. Anytime he has a pervy thought he gives himself away. Aoi figures out that he was something pevy in mind and he gets kicked.

Later on he is tallking to Baby Beel and Kota about his failed attempts to get Aoi to eat the manju. He is very determined to get what he wants. But is about to give up when Kota tells of something forbidden. He could chop up the manju and put it into something else that Aoi will eat. So the demon has the almost brilliant idea of making her Meat and Potatoes. So when Aoi arrives home she is greeted with dinner. Almost immediately she can gather something is up. Of course the demon gives himself away and does not get what he wants. He just becomes a shooting star.

The second part of the episode Hilda wins a trip for 5 to an onsen. So this entails Oga and his family going to said Onsen. This is where it is revealed that Hilda was chosen to be Beel’s maidservant before he was even born. She also explains that she never saw much of her parents  because of the fact that they were maidservants as well. A glimpse is also given of the potential that she is actually developing some feelings maybe for Oga because he once again says that it would be a pain if Beel destroyed Humanity.

Somewhere in all of this Furuichi ends up the Onsen because of Alandion. It seems that Alandion takes Furuichi to where ever Oga maybe. The episode ends with Furuichi mistaking the old woman that runs the onsen for Hilda and he tries to get on with who he thought was Hilda.


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