Ano Natsu de Matteru 8

So Ichika is going to have to spill all beans to Kaito and the others now. I just can’t believe that she got away so long without them asking her questions. Especially considering that a quick research project would have came back negative on Rinon being a native animal to this planet. But if that didn’t tip them off then this incident surely will. An Unmanned Federation Rescue Pod has come to pick Ichika up and it all relates back to what happened in Okinawa.

Remember Arisawa the girl that was deeply love with Tetsuro. Well when she followed Tetsuro into his and Mio I don’t what she did, but Arisawa wound up on the floor and on top Rinon. Well when she landed on top of Rinon that sent off a distress beacon that called the drone. So over this episode Rinon was been trying to no avail to stop the beacon. Well guess what the drone is here and it wanted Ichika. I think I just ahead of myself,

This all starts back at Kaito’s house where he is reviewing the movie that they have been making. He was adding basic special effects. Well at some point Tanigawa and Mio show up. If I had a picture I would show how cute Mio looked in this episode, but I don’t. Later on Tetsuro and Tanigawa walk Mio home and Tanigawa is getting all excited about the festival coming up.

A little side note just so that way nothing is out of place later on. Remon met with Tetsuro’s sister Manami and has enlisted her help in some scheme. Apparently Remon is a lot then she is letting on because she addresses Manami as senpai and Manami makes a comment about still being in school. Remon is devious, Now on to the next part.

So now we are at the festival and the girls show up in their Yukatas. I wish I had another picture here because they were all cute in the Yukatas. So they enjoy the food and attractions at the festival. At some point Kaito is filming and Ichika is running around saying how wonderful everything is. Here Tanigawa again gets the feeling that Kaito has no interest in her because his camera is trained on Ichika. Low and behold Remon appears.

Remon at this point suggests that there is something the group has not done yet. This thing is a test of courage. This test of courage involves the group splitting into teams of two through a lottery. The teams end up being Tetsuro and Mio, Tanigawa and Kaito, and finally Remon and Ichika. But the actual test is them having to go up to a temple and place something at it. Tetsuro and Mio make it first. They discover that Manami was part of plan. But that is after Tetsuro and Mio kiss by accident. It was a fall.

Ichika and Remon were bringing up the rear and Remon disappears. She is recording what is going on at the Temple. Rinon appears and scares Ichika who screams. This prompts Kaito to run off from Tanigawa’s side to help Ichika. Now Tanigawa can’t refute the evidence anymore that Kaito likes Ichika. Kaito reaches Ichika and runs off with her and the drone follows.

Ichika tries to get Kaito to run off his own, but his feelings are to strong for her and he tries to defend from the drone while telling her that he loves her. The drone flings him off the cliff. At least Rinon was there with some flying contraption and slams into the drone. Kaito during this and Ichika heals him with her alien science I am guessing. Kaito wakes up during and starts asking questions. All Ichika has been saying so far is sorry,


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