Ano Natsu de Matteru 7

I really don’t know how I want to discuss this episode. So much funny stuff happened that I don’t where to being, but I guess the starting with Tetsuro, Mio, and Arisawa will be as good a starting as any. This situation finally saw its resolution with Mio telling Tetsuro that she loves him. But the story behind that is funny. After Arisawa wakes up from being knocked out by Mio she continues her aggressive pursuit of Tetsuro. Damn that girl has a lot of energy.

Tetsuro takes off running from the filming site on the beach because guess who has found them.  It is Arisawa. This has Tetsuro running into town to get away from Arisawa, but it seems no matter what Arisawa is just right behind him. So he runs down an alley way. Mio to the rescue. This is where this story gets interesting. Somehow Arisawa finds Mio and Tetsuro in another side left off from the alley Tetsuro went into. Arisawa tries to take off with Tetsuro and this prompts Mio to grab a hold of him. This sets Arisawa off and she calls Mio a pervert. Remember from last episode where MIo saved Tetsuro from Arisawa the first time. Well apparently Mio was not wearing any underwear and her butt ended up showing. Arisawa saw the whole thing.

So now MIo reveals why she was not wearing any underwear and why in random clips through out the season so far we have been seeing her naked. It is because she is nudist and so are her parents. She said she has tried correcting it, but has failed to do so. Some where in the middle of all this Arisawa disappears and Mio finally tells Tetsuro that she loves him. Situation resolved.

While that was going on Kinoshita felt she had to apologize to Ichika for how she acted around Kaito. Kinoshita also set Kaito and Ichika up on a date. Just as Kaito about to kiss Ichika a drunk Tanigawa interrupts. Go dam you Tanigawa. Of course Tanigawa is drunk because of Remon and dynamite drink. Well that is all for this episode.


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