Ano Natsu de Matteru 6

I wish I could go to Okinawa some day like Kaito and his friends. But I would not want all the drama that they had. It would seem that Kaito is very bad at explaining a situation or that Kinoshita girl took him seriously. I am pretty certain that a little kids word is not to be taken seriously when involving a serious matter like marriage. Obviously since Kaito and Kinoshita have been separated Kaito kind of fell in love with someone else.

That is another thing that made me more than a little annoyed with this episode. It was like Ichika forgot the whole her guessing that Kaito liked her incident. I mean for a whole episode they were pretty tense around each other. But I guess when another girl comes into the picture any previous discussions go out the window. I could understand Tanigawa because she has not herself personally told Kaito that she likes him and she does not know that Tetsuro has told him. I would also hope by now that Ichika comes to the realization that Kaito has no interest in Tanigawa as a love interest.

Arisawa was probably the most annoying character in any series that I have ever watched. I mean come on. Tetsuro is doing the exact opposite of showing interest in you. He is trying to avoid Arisawa at all costs by the end of the episode. At least Mio was able to save Tetsuro from the very aggressive advances of Arisawa. But she did at the expense of showing her butt to Tetsuro. Maybe now Arisawa will learn to not just aggressively pursue her love interests like a rabid dog.

Kinoshita was just as annoying. Even though her and Kaito have not seen each other years she becomes very familiar with him right  away. She is hanging all over him like they were just hanging out the previous day. I know I have friends that I haven’t talked to in years. I would never do that because people  change over time. I would probably know nothing about them as person after so much time has passed. I would also never admit feelings to some girl that I haven’t seen in years. Again it goes back to the fact that I would know next to nothing about that as a person.


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