Fairy Tail 119 and 120

Episode 119 saw the epic battle between Natsu and Hades happen. Laxus passed the last bit of magic he had to Natsu and Natsu became the Thunder-Flame dragon slayer. It is always amazing how Natsu can augment his powers by eating anything that has magical energy in it. But the only downside is that anything that is not fire will make him sick and pass out.

But at the end of episode 119 Hades managed to get back up and went over evil on Fairy Tail. More like that he is a sore loser. He reached into the full depths of his magic and creating golems out of nothing. This prompted the members of Fairy Tail who are all out of magic at this point to use actual physical force to take down Hades. But let me jump over to episode 120 to give more.

Basically what happened is that Natsu as flung at Hades with as much force as possible in the hopes that it would do something. Well it didn’t and Natsu ended up getting beat down to the ground. But at the last minute Happy and Charla come through and destroys Hades magical source of power. It was a giant heart in the heart of the ship. But even then he was not defeated. It just limited his magical power.

At the Fairies got respite by Ultear restoring the Tenrou tree to its former states. That gave the members of Fairy Tail the power they needed to fight Hades and Finish the fight. So now HAdes is down and Makarov shows up because some of the Grimoire Heart goons were about to attack Natsu and the gang. After that Hades and Makarov go into a discussion about what magic really is and Makarov says something about it growing with the people.

Fairy Tail has now returned to Base camp and thus the episode ends. I won’t recount what happens because you should probably watch it. I can’t explain how sexy Erza looked in a nurse outfit and the downtrodden Wendy. There was also Juvia who wanted Gray to punish her for not getting Zeref.


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