Beelzebub 56

The Great Demon Lord needs to get better help. His aides screwed up something as simple as sending a birthday card. They sent the card with the Demon Beauty Sayaka’s name on it to Hilda. Apparently the aides thought that the Great Demon Lord meant Demon Maid Servant and not Demon Beauty. I could go into a Japanese lesson right, but I won’t. I will leave that explanation up to the fan subbing group of you choice. Most will probably provide an explanation. If not just hit me up in the comments and I will explain it.

So this little mess up caused the card to be delivered to Oga’s house where Furuichi and Lamia saw the card that said Happy Birthday. They did the correct thing in assuming that it was for Hilda. I wouldn’t want to have read the actual card because it was for someone else. So this got Lamia and Furuichi wanting to plan a Birthday party for Hilda. By my previous explanation you would get the idea that it indeed it was not Hilda’s birthday. Just let me continue first.

So we have Oga, Furuichi, Lamia , and of course Baby Beel in Oga’s room planning this party. When Hilda walks in Lamia starts acting weird first by denying they were doing anything suspicious. Then Furuichi joins in. The only problem was Oga. He does not seem able to play along. When Hilda asks Baby Beel if he wants to take a bath with her he gives her the cold shoulder. The first thing Hilda thinks of is Baby Beel hating her.

So Hilda then goes on a walk to the park where she sees a whole bunch of mothers and their babies. This makes her think of Baby Beel. She then spots Kunieda and gang en route to Oga’s house for the party. She confronts them and when the girls ran away she thinks they are planning something evil and dastardly behind her back. Without saying that is not the case. But no matter the problem compounds itself when Alandion and her flying bird thing won’t help her.

So now we wind up back at the house where Hilda breaks the window in dramatic fashion even though she has been living there this whole time. And then the party is sprung on her. But alas it was not her birthday, but she still accepted the gift anyway. It was a new umbrella. What no one knows though is that her umbrella hides her sword. But she goes on to show that Demons can show sentimental feelings about stuff like that as well.


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