Beelzebub 55

It has been a couple weeks since I have posted on Beelzebub. I have been very busy with school work and what not, but I have made my return. Episode 55 proved to be a pretty funny episode because of the first half involving Himekawa and his Pompadour. He apparently ran out of the hair gel that keeps his hair in that ridiculous style. I actually prefer Himekawa without the stupid pompadour because then he looks like he actually has some intelligence in that brain of his. There is also the fact that everyone confuses him for a new person.

I can’t believe that the Himekawa family actually owns an island in the shape of a pompadour that has a factory that makes the gel to keep a pompadour in place. No wait I can believe it because Himekawa has a whole apartment complex that he owns himself. it does not surprise me at all. He was able to buy out a whole video game company just so that way he could cheat at a game against Lord En. I wish I had that type of money. The Himekawa family must have an endless vault of money.

The second half was alright, but it was just not as funny as Himekawa and his Pompadour. The Great Demon Lord came to visit Hilda, but Oga’s dad ended up treating him to a good time. Most of it for Oga’s dad was spent groveling because he thought that he was overshadowing the Great Demon Lord.

While Oga’s dad was doing that Hilda was having Furuichi acting like an idiot for a ritual for the Great Demon. And it was all for a meal for the Great Demon Lord. But he ended up leaving before Hilda could give it to him. Everyone from Oga’s class had a role in the production of the Banquet, but it was all meaningless. Natsume and Himekawa looked like warriors, Kunieda and her girls were maids, and Kanzaki was considered the menial laborer. Once again Furuichi was treated even worse than the rest. He was the an ornament on the big piece of meat for the Great Demon Lord.


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