Fairy Tail 118

This was an amazing episode. Even though Laxus lost the fight with Purehito it still was awesome. Laxus was all over place. It just that Purehito did not have to exert a lot of magic energy in order to counter Laxus. Purehito was probably not even really scratched by Laxus’ attacks. That is how string he is. Purehito has spent years getting to point that he is at in his magical development. There is also the fact that Laxus is not a member of Fairy Tail and thus does not get the protective and healing abilities of the island put on him. 

While Laxus was having his fight with Purehito, Hikaru of the 7 Kin of Purgatory and two minor guild members attacked the Fairy Tail wounded. At first the people guarding the camp were not able to counter attack, but then they rallied and Hikaru started getting beat. I should say that he was defeated because he got trapped in one of Fried’s magical rune boxes and thus can no longer use magic. But the other two are still Bickslow and Fried. They did not even care that their guild mate got defeated. To them it just a way to get promoted. 

Now lets return to the conclusion of the episode with Laxus transferring the rest of magical energy to Natsu. At first Natsu did not understand why, but then Laxus explained that a guild member should be the one to pay back Purehito for all the damage that he has caused to guild. Now we get see how Natsu will use Laxus’ lightning magic with his dragon slayer abilities. This should be an epic fight between Purehito and Natsu. 


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