Fairy Tail 117

Damn Hades has some pretty powerful magic. But I still come back to the question of how old he is. In the scene in one of the previous episodes he looked like he was pretty old. I think it was at the beginning of the ark. The one where Makarov realizes who it is. But enough about that. He did not even get a scratch on him from the fight and Team Fairy Tail went all out. It probably was not all out because then the whole ark would have no meaning. Got to let Fairy Tail get beat up several times before the final victory. Why is that Hiro Mashima or any shounen author has to do this? Why can’t the goods guy just get an easy win ounce in a while?

Hades magic is awesome though. He was like I am gonna get all magic guns on your  ass Fairy Tail. Best use of magic yet. Well probably only until Zeref’s magic is used at its full potential. On that note lets take a look at what happened with Zeref. As the astute reader knows from last episode Meledy took off with Zeref after Ultear told her to, but she had Juvia following her and I have to say Juvia is persisent. That was until Meledy ran into Zancrow.

Zancrow figured the plot that Ultear had hatched pretty quickly. He must have been thinking this for a long time. But he went and shattered Meledy’s perceptions of Ultear as the kind and loving person. Ultear was the one that destroyed her home town. At least that is what Zancrow says. But then Zancrow picks up Zeref to deliver him to Hades. But there is one problem. Zeref is awake again and said something about Acnologia what ever the hell that is. But has to be a big problem if Zeref is talking about it.

I am surprised. I think Zeref called Zancrow with his magic. But that is not what concerns me. It seems that Zeref has decided that he is through with being passive because of Acnologia thing. Can anyone say killing spree?


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