Beelzebub 54

What the hell is with all the filler? Hopefully this does not continue much longer. But I will say that this episode was pretty funny nonetheless. So now there are more restrictions on the raising of Baby Beel. He can’t get further than fifteen from Oga and now he can’t get too far from Black Baby Beel because then things will happen to Black Baby Beel. Like this time he grew some wings and flew off with Himekawa. But the thing with Himekawa will be explained in a minute.

I can’t believe that Furuichi thought of himself as the hottest guy in the school. He is sorely mistaken. If Himekawa let his hair down more often Himekawa wins that contest hands down. But the drawings meant for fujoshi’s were pretty funny. They definitely fit Furuichi. Or should I say Furuichi’s rendering of himself. Now on to Himekawa and Black Baby Beel.

Apparently Himekawa thought it would be a good idea to take Black Baby Beel from under Saotome’s desk in the teacher’s office. He thought it looked like some long lost treasure of the Himekawa family. It kept calling him Beelken-sama. Apparently this Beelken-sama statue had brought supposed good luck to his family when they were on the verge of Collapsing. I can’t believe that the Himekawa family has a very storied history. It almost seemed like the Himekawa legend was going to be verified because he started making money out the wazoo. He had an oil geyser on top of apartment building.

But not all good things are meant to last and this is one of those things. Black Baby  ended up going through a transformation and grew a tail and wings. He takes Himekawa and then flies over to the school. This is when Saotome, Oga, and Furuichi see Black Baby Beel. Good thing Himekawa’s servant/assistant was following ins a helicopter. This allowed them to finally get at Black Baby Beel and return him to normal. He and Baby Beel had a nice fight on a deserted island.


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