Ano Natsu de Matteru 5

I have a strange feeling that Remon knows more about Ichika then she is letting on. I mean seriously the movie scenario was that of an alien having a fateful encounter with an earth boy, So far she has hit the scenario that happened between Ichika and Kaito on the head. She had to be present on the night that Ichika hit Kaito with her spaceship or why would she have come up with this scenario. She is Tetsuro are kind of the same. They both love manipulating situations. Tetsuro  is manipulating Tanigawa into admitting to Kaito that she loves him while Remon is doing something with Ichika.

This show kind of has a weird love thing going on between Kaito, Tanigawa, Tetsuro, and Kitahara. I know that Tanigawa has feelings for Kaito who has feelings for Ichika. Tetsuro most likely has feelings for Tanigawa because of being friends with her since childhood, and Kitahara is harder to place. Sometimes I get the feeling she has feelings for Tetsuro, but I also think that she has feelings for Tanigawa. Like I said it is weird, or should I say confusing.

I think that Tanigawa was quite a bitch to ask Ichika when she was leaving. Those should have been innocent questions because I would probably ask those questions, but because I would want to spend as much time as possible with someone I consider my friend. But Tanigawa’s tone conveyed something different. It conveyed irritation and other feelings similar to that. She is just getting mad because Kaito is expressing more interest in Ichika than her. Tanigawa has admitted that she is deeply in love with Kaito to Tetsuro. Now Tetsuro has decided to intervene on her behalf and tells Kaito directly that Tanigawa likes him. But I do believe that Tetsuro has other motivations because he has feelings for Tanigawa as well. So he wants to know that Kaito has no interest so that way he can make his move on Tanigawa.

Ichika has a weird way of asking questions concerning her identity as an alien. But in this episode those questions spawned from the movie scenario that Remon came up with. She asks Kaito what he would if he person he loved was an alien and he said that it would be cool and that he would ask her to take him into space with her. Of course Ichika gave it away very subtle like that she is an alien, but Kaito never picked up on it. She said that there are regulations against taking I am guessing Humans into space. And then she felt relieved that Kaito would have no problem with it.


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