Beelzebub 53

What is with the filler episodes? The only two series in opinion that I did not mind fillers was Gintama and One Piece and that is because the filler looked like it was part of the actual story. Beelzebub has yet to successfully do this. I don’t care about Furuichi’s lack of a love life and I don’t care about Beel’s fake conquests. I want to see him actually conquer something of importance because as everyone watching knows Furuichi’s house means nothing. That is because Furuichi has almost no meaning to the show what so ever. Even Nene has more meaning than Furuichi does.

But I do have to feel sorry for him. He has been rejected constantly because of how much of a perv everyone considers him. Furuichi just can’t keep that side of himself contained. I bet if he could then he might be able to find a girlfriend. Then again he would probably ruin it because he just seems like a womanizer to me. But to be rejected by ghost is even worse. Especially with all that time he spent with her. He had to learn in the worst way possible that he was being possessed by another ghost that the ghost he was talking to was interested in. Furuichi deserves this meme “Forever alone.”


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