Fairy Tail 116

Both Ul’s and Ultear’s story is very sad, but that is probably because they
are so inextricably tied together because of the fact that they were mother
and daughter. Ultear thought she had been abandoned by her mother at young
age. Ultear got subjected to Magical experimentation at the hands of the
Master of Oracion Seis But she wasn’t abandoned at all by Ul. Ul had been ]
told that she was by the Bureau of Magic Development. Ul had spent so much
time crying about the loss of Ultear. But she had eventually decided to
move on. That is one Ultear happened upon Ul training Gray and Lyon. That
incident would send Ultear on a quest of Revenge and of trying to create the
Great Magical World. Ultear learned of Ul suffering because of the ocean.

I know that now I have to elaborate on this ice thing. It was on Galuna
Island where Ul’s Iced Shell had melted into ocean because of Ultear. This
ice got mixed with ocean and thus Ul’s magical power got mixed with it.
After Gray and Ultear had plunged into ocean Ultear kept hearing Ul’s
voice and it was saying save her. Ul’s magical power followed into Ultear
and all of Ul’s memories of that incident were revealed. Now Gray plans to
defeat Hades with help from his guildmates.

It was amazing that Gray was able to figure out that Ultear’s magic was only
able to affect non-human things. But it took him half the fight to figure it
out. Thus Gray then cut himself to get some of blood and mix it with his Ice
magic so that way Ultear coulc not vaporize it. Ultear defeated. And where
in hell’s name is Laxus. I am quite pissed that they have only given that
passing scene so far. Laxus definitely needs more screen time.


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