Fairy Tail 115

The conclusion of two fights happened this episode. The fight between Gildarts and Blue Note ending with a Gildarts Explosive Uppercut. Ane that Bickslow and Fried were having with Rusty Rose ended with Fried dealing the final blow. A third fight has also started between Gray and Ultear. Since the fight between Ultear will probably be of more interest in the next couple of episodes I will start there.

I had feeling that Gray and Ultear would end up fighting. I just did not think that Gray would attack first in this fight. Then again Ultear made the first aggressive move when she was about to kill Juvia. Gray comes and saves Juvia and Ultear he believed none of her story. Then after Ultear spills how she had hoped Gray and Hades would take care of each other she got a face full of ice. Now lets go back to where this episode left off with these two.

Ultear is telling Gray how Iced Shell is probably the only the move that could defeat Hades. Gray pledges to defeat Hades and lets Ultear walk off. When Ultear finds Meledy Ultear tells her of the story she feed to Gray. It involved Ultear saying she found Ul’s dairy and in it was Hades killing Ultear’s father. That is the real reason that Ul was mastering Iced Shell was to defeat Hades. But then she had to stop Deloria. Then Ultear made her mission to get revenge. This whole sequence end with Ultear saying she will seal Zeref away. Of course at this point in the series it known quite well that she is lying.

I have a feeling that Azuma will probably become the new Tenrou tree. It is kind of sad to see him go though. I can actually say that two people have died in mainstream Shounen anime. Then again Azuma did not like Simon did. Azuma’s body has just transformed into another living thing. Even in death Azuma has the last laugh. He will always be present on Tenroujima.

The end to the fight between Gildarts and Blue Note was pretty good. Gildarts was able to crack a magic that was essentially a black hole. Gildarts has pretty awesome magic himself. It makes one wonder how Makarov was able to recruit someone like him. Then again it does seem like the Guild particularly recruit any member. They are pretty much to choose themselves.


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