Beelzebub 52

Deep Freeze Alert! I repeat Deep Freeze Alert! I may not know what season it was
in the show, but it should not have been snowing. I was pretty certain that it
was not winter. Another reason for the alert is because this episode was pretty
boring. So I really don’t care to say much about it. But go on I must.

This whole episode revolved around the idea in a song that the Original Six Holy
Knights of St. Ishiyama made up that was not very clever at all. It reminded me
of the 99 Bottles of beer song. In this one though delinquents were getting beat
up and the math never made any sense. You know it makes no sense when Oga is
pointing out the fact that it is not very precise.

But it was not the Six Holy Knights that were doing the beatings. It was that
little perverted demon of Kunieda’s. He wanted the girls to all huddle together
naked. I am all for that, but the scenario was very contrived. The only one I
would not prefer is the loud mouth one that sounds like a man. I don’t her name
because I consider her more un-notable than Go-Kun. I can at least remember his

Of course Furuichi showed more of perverted and very womanizing side. But He
does that almost every episode where Kunieda or Hilda is involved. I don’t even
expect much out of his character anymore. Furuichi has had no development and he
has been in the show since the beginning. Kunieda who appeared much later has
had more development. Even characters like Kanzaki and Himekawa have had some


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