Ano Natsu de Matteru 4

Well this episode of Ano Natsu was pretty interesting. I say that because it
involved Kaito getting involved in a rather awkward situation in involving
Tetsuro’s sister Manami and Ichika. Since Ichika guessed that Kaito liked her
things were rather awkward between them. At least the delusions were a little
more tame this time. It involved how they going to tell each other the meaning
of what happened the day before. But then things got out of hand. And Tanigawa
had no idea that she just sealed her fate. She is never going to get with Kaito

The reason I say this is because she did not realize that Kaito was asking about
what he should do concerning. I like how both Tetsuro and Remon knew who both
Kaito and Ichika were talking about. If I were Tanigawa I would have kept my
mouth shout. Ichika is a rival for Kaito’s feelings, but I don’t think Tanigawa
stood a chance any way.

Now on to the major problem that surfaced in this episode. Tetsuro’s sister
shows up and asks Kaito to go shopping with her. Ichika is walking back to the
house when she sees Kaito in Manami’s car. At first Ichika tries to play it like
she does not care, but that does not work out. Ichika is clearly the jealous
type. Which is weird because she never answered Kaito. But she follows Kaito and
Manami all over the place while they are shopping. This creates ambiguity
because Manami take Kaito into places that in Japanese only a girlfriend takes
her boyfriend. Remember that Ichika is following them the whole time.

I guess I can see the problem though. Manami takes Kaito clothes shopping with
her. She asking Kaito his opinion on the clothes. One place that he should not
have definitely gone was into the lingerie store. That is a place only girls,
couple, and girls with gay friends go. It seems that Manami has no problem
showing her body off to Kaito. And that is including the that she is married.
They go to movie. I guess in Japan that unless in you are going in a large group
taking your friend that happens to be girl/boy to movie to frowned upon. This
whole sequence ends at Tetsuro’s house with Tetsuro pointing that Manami is his
sister and she is married. Problem cleared up.

After this in order to make up to Kaito for the misunderstanding Ichika says
that she will do anything for Kaito. He could have asked Ichika to say how she
really feels about him, but instead he asks for help with study for exams.
Ichika is at first puzzled, but then gets really enthusiastic about helping. I
guess she really helped him though.


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