Bakuman S2: episode 17

This was an awesome episode. But I am sad to see Nakai leave the picture, but it
is his fault. He could have landed the whole of being the lead artist on Aoki’s
manga, but he had to be a stupid person. Now Takahama’s Business Boy Keniichi is
ending and Nakai’s job along with it. Nakai then had the gull to call Aoki for
an assistant job. Why would you do that after what happened? Like Aoki said the
first thing he should have been saying was that he was deeply sorry for the way
he treated her. I bet that if he would have stuck with Aoki and kept trying to
get her love he would have eventually got it. But instead he acted will slob
and changed focus as soon as another girl that he thought was cute came into the
picture. He should be disgusted with himself. He professed undying love to Aoki
while still drawing Trapdoor, but when Aoki would not say that she loved him he
moved on. And now he has been rejected by two girls. He got rejected by Aoki or
so he thought and now he has been rejected by Katou.

It would seem that Tantou by Mashiro and Takagi did not serialized. But Aoki’s
manga did get serialized and most of the thanks probably goes to Fukuda for
coaching on how to draw a proper panty shot. I feel bad for Miyoshi because now
she has wait even longer to get married to Takagi. She was all excited and
everything. She even had gotten the marriage registration form already. She was
ready to go.

It would seem that the Manuscript that Iwase wrote with the help from Hattori is
pretty good. He is skipping all convention and heading straight for a
serialization meeting. He is even getting Niizuma to draw it for him. But
Niizuma actually imposed the requirement for a serialization to draw it. Hattori
and Niizuma are planning on using to fire up Mashiro and Takagi again. I am
always astounding by Niizuma’s ability. Both Hattori and Yuujiro are cunning


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