Bakuman S2: Episode 16

This is a week and half late, but here is Bakuman Season 2 episode 16. A lot
of this episode revolved around Aoki and the problems that she is having
with her manga. She was having a major problem drawing panty shots like her
editor wanted. That is how Nakai ended up getting slapped in face was
because she wanted him to work with her again. But he had imposed a very
ridiculous demand that she date for him for doing so. Thus he got slapped.

So Aoki now has shown up with Miyoshi at Mashiro and Takagi’s studio to
apologize to Mashiro for the problems that she caused. She related her
problem to Mashiro and then he and Takagi sat there brainstorming about ways
to help Aoki. The only thing they were able to come up with was asking that
guy that Takagi punched in Middle School Ishizawa to do the panty shots for
Aoki. But this idea did not turn out so well because he wanted Aoki to
actually do some modeling.

While all this was going on Fukuda was on his way over to Takahama’s to try
and correct Nakai’s rather bad behavior. But this ended with Nakai crying
because he felt rather comfortable just being an assistant with Katou. Katou
was surprised to learn that Nakai had feelings for her. She looked very
repulsed by the very idea. Nakai ended getting punched by Fukuda. Fukuda
leaves in storm and heads to where Aoki, Takagi, Miyoshi were meeting
Ishizawa at.

Fukuda ends up coaching Aoki in the ways of the panty shot and it seems that
Aoki rather enjoys the coaching. Over time Aoki’s drawings get better and it
seems that she is now up for serialization along with Mashiro and Takagi.

It would seem that Iwase has kept up on her promise to start drawing manga
in order to compete with Takagi. Damn she considers Takagi to be her biggest
rival and it does not seem that he looks at the same way at all. At this
point he probably just wishes that he would stay out of the picture. Then
again he does not know that she has brought in her first written work to
none other than Hattori.

So now has showed up with Miyoshi at Mashiro and Takagi’s studio to apologize to Mashiro for the problems that she caused.


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