Ano Natsu de Matteru 3

Between the two of them Kaito and Ichika have enough delusions to last someone a life time. But most of Ichika’s are fueled by the fact that she is not a normal inhabitant of our planet. So of course she has some fears that someone might find out. But where did she get this men in black idea from? If this was her first time being on Earth then how does she know that Reference? And Kaito delusions were even funnier. He thought that he had been rejected and thus his delusions revolved around Ichika telling other people or insulting him.

Remon is devious person. She has Tetsuro give Tanigawa an envelope with a picture from the previous day when they all got drunk without knowing it. Apparently that is considered a very lewd pose. Then Remon decides that she wants to tape what happens between Tanigawa and Kaito as  they walk around the town. But she goes to far and forgets to hide herself and just as Tanigawa is about to confess her love to Kaityo she notices Remon and that screws everything up.

As Kaito is leaving the shopping district as I will call it who else does he run into besides Ichika. Kaito then runs off after remembering his on self-induced delusions and Ichika takes off after him. They should have done something like a Benny Hill sequence her with the music and all. But Ichika eventually catches up to Kaito and they both realize that they misunderstood what the other was talking about. Later they are the train station and Ichika is trying to guess who Kaito likes and Kaito readily answers no to Tanigawa and Kitahara. But when Ichika guesses herself Kaito does not answer and then Ichika most likely figures out what Kaito was trying to say to her the day before.

I hope the show keeps with the funny episodes like this. I am pretty certain that every anime lover can appreciate a romantic comedy every so often. I know I can. The delusions that Kaito and Ichika were having reminded me of Chaos; Head without all the real booting crap because as everyone who has watched that series knows the main character had a serious problem with delusions.


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