I’m Using This Again.

So life has come full circle for my blogging life and I have decided to come back to using wordpress.com for my blogging needs. I am going to miss controlling everything about my blog but oh well this way will be cheaper. I just never had the money to pay my host when they came asking for the money. As anyone can see this has a lot to do with money. But I probably won’t really notice much of difference anyway. So here I am back to posting on wordpress.com where I first started.

On another note I don’t have time to parse all my posts and look for links that lead back to my old site because I did import a lot of stuff from there. So if any links become broken or lead back to Animechaostheory.com please tell in that post I will be more than obliged to fix it. I am quite a /busy college student and like I said I don’t have time to parse everything and make sure it is up to snuff. But I am impressed with how easy the transfer of data was between to two.

So expect more posts to start appearing here over time. I also plan to open up another blog to cover my experiences in college, with programming, politics, and computers(this includes Operating systems, hardware and other tech). So I hope that everyone will look forward to that.


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