Phi Brain 16

This episode it was Galileo’s turn to tackle a puzzle. This one used the waterways of Venice as its setting. Galileo had to Navigate his way through a maze of waterways and was timed doing it. But this puzzle was in the vein of all the recent in that they were designed without solutions. If it would not have been for Einstein interfering by Galileo’s terms at the very he could very well be dead. This ticked Galileo off and he has sworn to out do Einstein and the others.

This all started when a POG disguised as Jigukawa told them that the POG made the airways out of England a literal mess. But this of course a ploy to lure them all to Venice. What tipped Galileo off that this person was not really Jigukawa was the fact that he was drinking Orange Juice instead of Jigukawa’s favorite apple juice. Holy shit does Galileo keep close tabs on people. Then again if he even considers these people his friends he better know small things about them. Then again he could be keeping small details on Jigukawa because he knows that Jigukawa is a member of the POG.

On the Jigukawa note. He went to meet with Rook to ask him some questions about the whole Phi Brain mission anyways. He played Rook in game of chess the whole time basically talking to himself. He kept asking question even though Rook was never answering them. He apparently was watching Rooks reactions to the questions and to what was happening on the Giant TV screen in the room with them.


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