Beelzebub 51

So Oga has been sent on mission to try and perfect Super Milk Time and Furuichi is the guinea pig. I just wonder how much a new bottle would change the over all effect of Super Milk Time because I am pretty certain what Saotome meant was for Oga to learn to try and control the State that Super Milk Time induces. Oga needs to become a real spell master and tell Beel how things are going to be done. But it was funny seeing Furuichi dressed us as a baby when those girls were talking to Oga. But I could have expected Alandion to dress up as woman. No surprise there.

Wish that Kunieda’s little demon would not have got the in the way of that bitch fight between the Red Tails and those high class looking girls. For some reason I wanted to see The Red Tails get the shit beat out of them. I wanted what happened to Goku on Planet Namek in DBZ to happen to the Red Tails. I can’t believe that Nene even considered taking on those girls. Especially when fifty if them showed. That would have been time for a tactical retreat. My math may not be that good, but last I knew 6 have no chance against fifty.

Kunieda’s little demon is a pervy one. But I cannot blame him. He probably has been up at that shrine for a long time. Wow that is all I have to say about that guy.


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