Fairy Tail 114: Erza vs Azuma

Erza wins again, but this was never in dispute. But it is odd. I just wish for once they would give the advantage to Fairy Tail. Why is that Fairy Tail always get the shit beat out them before they start winning. The whole time Azuma technically had the advantage over and should have won that fight. But then again if Erza would have lost then Fairy Tail would be over and I would not like that. Then again maybe Laxus would show up and beat the shit out of Oracion Seis. But alas at this point Laxus will probably only have that passing scene after Makarov said his name.

But Erza’s win was pretty badass if you ask me. She overcame Azuma use of Tenroujima’s magic power and beat him. That Terra Clamare would be a pretty tough move to beat and she got hit with it several times during the fight and stil came out to win. Then again she had more riding on this fight than did Azuma and she had every incentive to try her hardest. Her guild and friends are grave danger. But now the show can focus upon that fight between Bluenote and Gildart along with fight that Bickslow and Fried were having with Rusty Rose.



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