Phi Brain 15

So Rook what just being an evil person because he wanted to be an evil person. It is apparent after this episode that Rook has suffered a lot at the hands of the POG. They forcefully reprogrammed him to be this evil emotionless bastard. But it seems that after learning that the puzzle he had intended to give to Einstein as a kid still existed and was found has set off and maybe will set free his emotions. Could we Rook give up his mission for the POG in order to be reunited with Einstein?

I can’t believe that Edison would take seriously what anyone in the POG said to him. IF he is that smart he should have seen the tactic for what it is. A divide and conquer strategy. Edison almost bit the bait there for a minute. But it seems that he snapped out of it.

I have to give props to Anna though. Ana never bought into anything the POG was saying. Everything Anna did was because Anna loves everyone in the group deeply. I don’t think I would have been able to solve that puzzle without the hint. But Anna just charged right in. Way to go Anna.


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