Bakuman S2: Episode 15

Well the relationship troubles that Takagi, Miyoshi, Mashiro, and Azuki were having all are resolved with this episode. Takagi got feed up with the way that Mashiro was acting and decided to come clean about what was going on. But it was almost ruined when he met Aoki at zoo by accident and she ran into his arms. Miyoshi had just shown up and saw them and thought that Takagi was just trying to show off. It forced Takagi to move up his plans to propose to Miyoshi. they plan to get married after Takagi gets serialized again.

I was just as surprised as Takagi and Miyoshi about how honest Aoki was. She told them that she had no justifiable reason to hug Takagi and then went and told Miyoshi that she was beginning to like Takagi. She just wanted to help Takagi though. In the end Miyoshi decided that Takagi and Aoki were still allowed to talk to each other as long as Aoki became Miyoshi friends. This ends with Miyoshi, Takagi, Azuki, and Aoki at a cafe having some tea and Mashiro at first being confused at the text message he got from Azuki. But then he reasserts that he wants to become the best manga artist ever.

It was pretty cool that Tanto which is the manga that Takagi and Mashiro had in NEXT won first. It was even awesome that Aoki place second to them. But then Aoki’s editor listened to input of Yoshida and tried to get Aoki to work with Nakai again. Aoki decides that she will talk to Nakai in person. So they met at cafe and the meeting ended with Aoki slapping Nakai because of his condition for working with her again. I agree with Aoki that Nakai was being a horrible to impose the condition that she date him to work with her. He should have wanted to work with her because they had the potential to create some great manga together. Obviously Nakai only cares about getting a girlfriend out of the whole deal.



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