Ano Natsu de Matteru 2

I didn’t want to put this in my first post about this because I wasn’t certain about it, but now this episode has indeed confirmed that Ichika is indeed an alien. But that leads to next question of why most animators/manga artists choose to make their aliens look like humans? It has been apparent that most anime that deal with aliens in any form have them looking like humans. Asobi ni Iku yo! did this with the Catians and the Dogians. They had the almost the same body structure as humans plus the cat ears/dog ears and the dog tail/cat tail. At least one of my favorite shows Dragon Ball z branched out a little bit with the fact that sayians could transform into monkeys and that the namekians existed along with others. I am just getting real tried of the aliens that look like humans.

Another note Kaito’s sister readily accepted that Ichika would stay at the house. She even went one step further and asked Ichika if she wanted to live at the house while she was on her business trip. Just int the first night of meeting Ichika , Kaito’s sister feels comfortable enough with Ichika to let her live there. That made Tanigawa very mad.

Later on Kaito takes Ichika shopping after his sister leaves on her business trip. Kaito seem slike he really enjoys himself then again I would probably enjoy myself as well if I was with Ichika. But as Kaito gets home he realizes that his house door is unlocked and wonders who is there. It none other than his friends. Remon is a pretty devious person. Not only does she pick the lock she then gets them all drunk and her so called dynamite drink and then plays a game called king that ends up with her being the king. So she gets to call the shots and she tries to have Ichika and Kaito to have sex, but they get so embarrassed that it never happens.

Later on Kaito is in the kitchen when whatever is wrong with body starts acting up again. At Ichika was there and she helped him again by using her alien magic that involved kissing his forehead. Afterwards Kaito was probably going to tell Ichika that he liked her, but she told him not to. I’m guessing that she does not want to hurt his feelings or anything when she eventually leaves Earth. But I have the strangest inkling that she will never leave the planet because she will end up falling with Kaito. Then again that is the whole point of show probably.


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