Fairy Tail 113

Azuma has to be the character that I like most from Grimoire Heart and that is because he has successfully manipulated Erza into fighting him at her full strength. Only Erza has the power to end Azuma’s magic draining magic. So now it has been setup for the next episode to have Azuma and Erza duke it out until only one is left standing. But the only reason Azuma was able to so was because Master Hades a.k.a Former Fairy Tail Master Purehito knows the island like the back of his hand. He knew that the giant tree on Tenroujima had special powers and those special powers are probably also related to Mavis the first Fairy Tail Master. Purehito knew that the tree kept Fairy Tail members alive while on the island and replenished their magic reserves. That is why Purehito decided to probably get Zeref knew he knew he would be on Tenroujima.

On another note Gildarts is also awesome because he was going hit for hit with Bluenote. Then again I kind of figured that he would be able to. It just funny that Natsu wanted to stay and watch the fight knowing that it could be very dangerous. I have always wondered how Makarov was able to recruit someone like Gildarts into Fairy Tail. Then again he probably was not recruited. Gildarts probably joined because Fairy Tail looked like fun and there were very few rules. But in this episode Gildarts showed a side of himself that seems to go against his previously shown demeanor. He was very upset by the fact that Bluenote and Grimoire Heart were interrupting the S-Class exams.

Rusty Rose is comes in a closely second of the character I hate the most out of Grimoire Heart. First place for this goes to Ultear obviously because she is the most manipulative bitch in the world. And now she is trying to work her magic on Gray. She is probably working it on Master Hades as well. She does anything to get closer to her goal. But enough about her. Rusty Rose uses that poetic type speak and it is really hard to understand. He sound like my niece who says that her stomach. She tries to treat her stomach as its own entity much like Rusty Rose does with this so called fragment. It is so damn annoying.

Where in the Nine Hells is Laxus? He was shown a few episodes back when Makarov was attacked by Hades, but after that he has not shown up. I have a feeling that he will show up to help Fairy Tail out in the end. He will probably jump in to help Bickslow and Fried out.


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