Beelzebub 50

-I can’t even explain what happened at the beginning of this episode with that whole puddi dance sequence. I found it quite annoying because it just repeated puddi puddi over and over. It was liking playing Star Craft again on the certain map that just replayed the Daft Punk song Around the World over and over. Use to like that song, but know it just annoys me whenever I hear it. But I guess it gave context to the dance that Kunieda did later in the show which I will get into later.

Saotome is an asshole for not telling Oga that the side effects of the Super Milk Time would wear off. Then again if he had told Oga this episode would not have not happened and Kunieda would never have freaked out because she thought Oga was hugging her when in fact it was Beel in Oga’s body. Thus the puddi puddi dance sequence was put into context. It was used by Kunieda to try and lure Beel to her to prove to Hilda that Beel liked her more.   It was pretty funny seeing Kunieda and Hilda fight. It felt like they were fighting over Oga rather than Beel. But it is what it is. Eventually Beel went with Kunieda because he sensed some demonic powers in her. Kunieda’s training paid off though because she was able to keep up with Hilda in the sword fight they had.

I guess I covered the most important parts of this episode. The only thing I want to say that I hope that the puddi puddi sequence never comes up again.


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